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    Naomi Campbell, photographed by Edward Maxey for Paper, November 1990. From “Invisible Beauty.”

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    Mas Simpsons aqui

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  2. "—Y digame, ¿Escucha voces en su cabeza? —(Dile que no). —No, doctor."

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    Meadham Kirchhoff Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection 

    Her skin is amazing!!!

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  5. legendary:

    Superman emblem through the years.

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     Tribute to Daft Punk --  4/???

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    Love the way it #glistens! Beautiful and clean #typography by @tron_trece #goodtype #script #cursive #lettering #handtype #draw #handdrawntype #tipografia #typographie #theGoodLife

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    Flaite qla sale en todas :C

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